Abingdon Music Festival 2015

"A festival with a difference not a competition but a workshop"

Welcome to the Home Page of the Abingdon Music Festival!

The eighteenth Abingdon Music Festival will run from Friday 1st May to Sunday 3rd May, 2015,
once again at St Helen & St Katharine school in Abingdon.

Click here for a concise timetable of the Festival.

(Note to performers: Some classes are divided into two sessions. If this applies to you, you can find out which session you are in by clicking here.
If you urgently need to contact us during the Festival, the emergency phone number is 07467 129268.)

Click here, or on the left, for the 2015 syllabus and details of classes,
or you can download the complete printed syllabus here .

There will also be a 'Maestro' conducting workshop in Radley College on Sunday 26th April.

The 2014 Concerto Competition was held on Sunday 27th April at Radley College. To see the results, click here.

The Abingdon Music Festival is affiliated to the British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Drama and Speech.

Abingdon Music Festival Association, Registered Charity no. 1072473

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